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                                              CODE : 690733                                         CODE : 690743

        Ever wanted to change to a bigger bait and found the hair is too  The hooked boilie  stoppers are perfect  to secure a bait firmly,
        short? The Hair extender stops are designed to allow a bigger bait  especially when there are nuisance species like crabs in the area.
        to be rigged even when the hair is too short. This means you don’t’  The hooked boilie  stopper holds the hair securely  in place  and
        have to change a rig to suit the size of the bait. Supplied with a  prevents crabs from removing the stopper and consequently the
        variety of sizes on a card, 36 short extenders, 18 medium  bait.
        extenders and 9 long extenders. Colour : Clear, 1 card per pack
        BOILIE ANCHOR SCREW                                   BAIT BANDS 10mm CLEAR

                                              CODE : 690747                                         CODE : 690739

                                                              Bait bands offer a quick and easy solution to attaching baits to the
                                                              hook without needing a hair. It is best to scour a groove in the bait
                                                              before sliding the bait band over the bait. This will prevent the
                                                              band from slipping, especially during the cast.
        BOILIE ANCHOR                                         ARTIFICAL POP-UP

        WIRE WITH RING                        CODE : 690761   SWEETCORN STOP                        CODE : 690773
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