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BEAD HOOKS                                             SUPER ELASTIC TUBE


                                                               Super elastic tubing is a high stretch, tough tubing ideal to
                                                               use as hair aligners on hooks or when building bungy rigs.

          TECH SPECS:                                           TECH SPECS:
          CODE        SIZE      QTY PER PACK                     CODE      COLOUR       DIAMETER
         690762      2.3mm          25                          690740      GREEN         1.2mm
                                                                690742      CLEAR         1.2mm

        SILICON TUBE                                           SHRINK TUBE

        Silicon Tube is used to secure the hair onto the rig. This en-  Shrink tube has become an essential part of any carp
        sures alignment of the hair with the hook and enhances the   anglers tackle. The tube is used to extend the gape of the
        hooking ability of the rig.                            hook and to cover and secure the knotless knot. Can also
                                                               be used to cover exposed parts to neaten a rig and en-
                                                               hance the anti tangle properties. Docks shrink tube shrinks
                                                               2x when exposed to steam or super heated air.

         TECH SPECS:                                            TECH SPECS:
          CODE      COLOUR       DIAMETER                       CODE       COLOUR       DIAMETER
         690728    OLIVE GREEN     2mm                          690716      CLEAR        2.5mm
         690735   TRANSPARENT      2mm                          690717      CLEAR        3.5mm

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