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               Code Braking Strength  Colour  Length Qty.                Code  Colour  Diameter  Length  Qty.
               691216     40lb     Snake Green 1Meter 2PP                690715 Green  0,6mm Inner   1meter 1pp
                                                                                     1,65mm Outer
        Double looped liquid wire has both ends spliced (saves the hassle  The  ultimate  tube,  not  only  does  it  posses great  anti  tangle
        of splicing the ends). This allows you to used the liquid wire to  properties,  but it  is also soft and heavy to peg your rig to the
        build your own type of carp rig. Liquid wire is a soft, supple,  bottom.
        sinking material  which hugs the  bottom  – the  ideal  lead  core
        DOUBLE LOOPED SINK CORE                               RUN RING LIQUID WIRE & SWIVEL

                      Code    Colour   Length Qty.                          Code    Colour   Length Qty.
                     690729 Camou Green 1Meter 2PP                         691221 Camou Green 1Meter 2PP
        Double looped sink core has both ends spliced. This allows you   The running rig is a pre made rig using the carp semi fixed lead kit.
        to used the sink core to build your own type of carp rig.  All that is needed to complete the 2 rigs are hooklins and sinkers.

        CLASSIC BOILIE RIG                                    COMBI RIG

                                   Classic  Boilie  Rigs are  fitted                      Combi Rigs are fitted with
                                   with Docks Classic Hooks and                           Docks Anti Snag Hooks and are
                                   are  made  using 20LB  Moss                            made using 20LB Camo Green
                                   Green Neutral Buoyancy Braid.                          Coated Braid.  The coating has
                                   Supplied  with  anti  tangle                           been  removed  for a length  of
                                   sleeves (no swivels).                                  3cm  from  the  hook to  create  a
                                                                                          swivel  effect.  Pre-tied  to  a
                                                                                          swivel and fitted with an anti
                                                                                          tangle sleeve.

               Code Braking Strength Size Length Qty.                 Code Braking Strength Size Length Qty.
               691200      20lb       #2    17cm   2pp               691204      20lb        #2   17cm   2pp
               691201      20lb       #4    17cm   2pp               691205      20lb        #4   17cm   2pp
               691202      20lb       #6    17cm   2pp               691206      20lb        #6   17cm   2pp
               691203      20lb       #8    17cm   2pp               691207      20lb        #8   17cm   2pp
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