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                                                                            Code      Colour   Qty. Per Pack
                                                                           690748     Green        6PP
                    Code      Colour    Qty. Per Pack
                    690737     Green        6PP                The Freedom Lead Clip is a new concept safety clip. The freedom
                                                               rig is designed for slack line fishing or where fish are under heavy
        This safety lead clip comes with a quick change swivel and has a   pressure. Essentially  the  rig works by allowing  the hooklink  to
        locking pin to hold the swivel in place. This is the best safety clip   slide on a looped leader line. Refer to the diagrams for instructions
        in the Docks range. Standard swivels also fit inside the safety clip.  on how the rig works.
         SEMI FIXED LEAD KIT                                   TAIL RUBBER GREEN

                    Code      Colour    Qty. Per Pack
                    690738     Green    5 X 4 = 20pp                        Code      Colour   Qty. Per Pack
        Semi fixed lead clips give the advantages of a running type rig    690704     Green        10PP
        without ejecting the lead. The rubber sleeve allows the rig to act as
        a bolt rig, but with the advantage of a sliding rig.Once the fish is   The tail rubbers are sold separately in the event that the safety
        hooked the sinker is free to move along the line.This creates an   clip tail rubber tears or gets damaged. The tail rubber can also be
        extremely safe alternative semi-fixed bolt rig assembly.  used as a covering sleeve to neaten rigs and to prevent tangles.

                                                               Swivels need to be strong and reliable to
                                                               withstand  the  rigors  of big  fish.  The
                                                               Docks swivels have been specially
                                                               designed for carp fishing. They also fit
          Code      Colour    Qty. Per Pack                    snuggly into our safety clips.
         690763      Green       10PP
                    Brown        10PP
                                                                      Code    Size     Colour   Qty. Per Pack
                                                                     690710    #8    Black Nickel   10pp
                                                                     690765    #10   Ma� Black      10pp
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